Safety is the most important when people want to have a fun. Specially if you are a large group or young people drink alcohol at your event, you have to cope with it. Make sure to hire licensed security guards or if they are not mandatory by a venue, at least hire a guest list manager where a venue doesn't come with these services. To get covered by event insurance is also a good idea just in case. And find a venue at a convenient location and have people arrive home safe and sound. 


You don't want any guest to bother you with calling and asking how to get to a venue during the event. Make sure an invitation includes full address with a zip code and don't write just a name of the venue, because sometimes other venues and streets with the same or similar name exist. Or your taxi driver might go to a wrong way without knowing if you are not familiar with that area. 

DJ v.s. iPod?

These days, you can download DJ mix into your iPod for free or even use commercial-free internet radio. But good DJs always keep their eyes on what the audience wants to listen to and dance with. DJ is a mood maker, and can give the crowd high-energy or chill at a right timing. 

Social Media

Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the best way to promote your event and boost attendance for free. But keep it in your mind that people may see who else are invited and who are not, which make them feel uncomfortable sometimes. According to Mr. Robot, social media is incredibly dangerous and he says, "Social media owns your relationships." So just don't overuse them. Instead, mail an invitation card or send an email. Using an online self-ticketing  platform is a great idea depending on what type of your event. 


Managing an event is actually not as fun as it sounds. It's such a hustle. Finding a venue and venders might be an easier part. But probably you need to coordinate in advance :the timing the venders arrive, who to contact on the event date, how they enter, and where a loading dock and fright elevators, if there's any additional expense such as gratuity, and etc. And you also have to deal with unexpected things like delays, last minute cancellations or changes. And once the event starts or the guests arrive, you have to manage the line and keep your eyes on everything to make sure everyone is happy. But don't get freaked out, just calm down and believe yourself that you can sort things out.

After the event, follow up for payments including additional charges and also telling your  guests and venders for "thank you". 

Want to make people happier?

It might cost you more, but here's party essentials.

Red carpet

Floral decoration


Photo booth

Black-tie server

Photo backdrop




3D Projector mapping


Red carpet


Live music