DJ Aki began his career as a DJ at 5 Spot Lounge in Brooklyn in 2004. He worked with many legendary DJs like DJ Kenny Parker (Boogie Down Productions), DJ Evil Dee (Black Moon), Large Professor (Main Source) and etc. DJ Aki moved to Manhattan in 2008 to expand his possibility as a DJ and his hard work paid off and led him to play at various venues including Central Park, top popular clubs in NYC, weddings and private parties.  


Next year, when he was playing with a drummer as a unit, Real Jam United, he caught Mr. Simon Collins’s eyes (Dean of Fashion at Parsons The New School and Design) and DJ Aki has got a first chance to play a fashion exhibition. Simon liked DJ Aki’s multi-style, watching people and playing musics that match with the concept of the events. Since then, he was also offered gigs at MFA Fashion Exhibition for New School at Gucci Building and Louis Vuitton Soho. Following the success in the fashion industry, he also earned the credit to play for Uniqlo Fashion Night Out.


In 2011, when Japan had Tohoku Earthquake, he organized a fund-raising event at Naumberg Bandshell in Central Park, and he was appeared on World Street Journal.

Japan Society also had him join in an another fund-raising event where world famous music producers like Mr Ryuichi Sakamoto were invited.


He also has been seen playing at high-end hotel venues in New York, such as Empire Rooftop, Cellar Bar at Bryant Park Hotel, Sky Room, Gansevoort Park Avenue NY, Monarch and etc. And sometimes he collaborated with top DJs at Beatport like Sak Noel DJ Francis Mercier.


During 2013 and 2014, DJ Aki was a residence DJ at some legendary clubs such as WIP and Green House where Jay-Z and Rihanna were often spotted.


In 2015, he played an important role as a DJ at Parsons New School AAS and MFA, and one of their biggest events, Fashion Benefit in Javits Center. Then other credits followed an event featuring luxury cars, Maserati at Space Ibiza New York which he organized.


He has been still striving to build up his own DJ skills and at the same time, training other young DJs in NYC. ‘’Turntable or CDJ is just one of tools to show the skills,’’ he says.  “But I’d like to teach them that DJ can bring power of music into the lives of people, and we always have to respect musicians who made the songs because we cut a song and play only a part of it. ‘’ 


He also gets great fulfillment from having people dancing by more than songs, but grooves that fits their moods, vibes and temperatures, and making everyone happy.


He wants to meet more new people from all over the world through music and be more close to them when he is playing. To him, a DJ is not a stage, the audience is!!

Known as DJ Aki. Born in Japan. With more than a decade of residence in New York, his strong relationships with the press, as well as his wide range of social and business contacts, enable the Bricheese Coordination team of professionals to remain at the forefront of marketing-driven content and special events.  

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